EE APN Settings

In some areas, EE only works under the PPP protocol, please follow the below steps to set the router.

1) First, connect a phone or computer to the 4G router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, then Log in to the router at the default router IP address and default password root or admin via a web browser.

EZR33 router IP address:
EZR23 router IP address:


2)Please download the under firmware and upload it to the router, which it supports to switch 4G PPP protocol manually.

EZR33 Outdoor router firmware-

EZR23 Indoor router firmware-

Click “Backup / Flash Firmware” under “System” on the top menu as below screenshot; for more details, refer to the tutorial at


DO NOT turn off the power while flashing and resetting the firmware! 

Please reboot the router after successfully flashed the new firmware.

3) Log in router admin, Go to Network > Interface. Click the Edit button on the row of Mobile(wwan).
     Switch to PPP protocol and set the APN for EE, refer to below photos. 

EE APN settings
Service type: UMTS/GPRS
APN: everywhere
Username: eesecure
Password: secure
Dial number: *99#

4) Click “Save & Apply” button on the bottom right corner to apply the new settings. It will jump back to the interface overview page.

5) please unplug the power and wait for 1 minute to restart the router.

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